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It is Time for Cyberpunk Games to Remember How to be Punk

To start the 1988 adventure game, this is based on the genre of William Gibson cyberpunk novel Neuromancer, and for this, you wake up face in a spaghetti plate. This is the future of synth-spaghetti but it but it does not make this comfortable any more.

Cyberpunk is a new upcoming video game, and it is developed by CD Projekt RED. Publisher of this game is CD Projekt. This game can be played from either a first-person or third-person perspective. The game surround is set in like an open-world metropolis known as Night City. The inhabitants of this city communicate with others in non-English languages. To better comprehend players who cannot speak the languages can buy a translator implants.

Syndicate went in the opposite direction in 1993 and they casting you in charge of a corporation bent on global domination as the CEO. You’re the villain at the top of the dystopian food chain in Syndicate.

Hero Complex

JC Denton is an expanded agent who works for a UN anti-terrorist organization. In WTO at the Tarsus Academy Alex D is an elevated agent in training and for a biotech corporation, Adam Jensen is the elevated chief security. To previous experience, we saw that all these characters are gone through the learning experience, and they are not trustworthy. What they thought the world it is more complicated beyond their thinking.

As we know that all the heroes of Crusader: No Remorse, Hard Reset, Final Fantasy VII, Binary Domain, etc. all are tough guys who digest the agitators & terrorists having a point. From Neuromancer, rather than that story's actual main characters: Case and Molly, the misfits, they are Arbitrage.

Rock & roll, desperate and dangerous

A game where the rebels and outsiders get to the front is Shadowrun: Dragonfall. The series Shadowrun is an unlikely fixture of imagination and cyberpunk that overstates the banalities of each, where the dragon who wishes tribute & the TV personality praised exaggerates led by millions are one and the same. Complacent cast as Max Headroom. In spite of the elves, perhaps it is that magnification of the basic paradox that makes Shadowrun feels true to cyberpunk fiction.

About the street discovers Gibson wrote its own uses for things, not “people who work for security agencies find their own uses for things.”

To cyberpunk, the streets & their occupants are main characters. Who suffer most in the kind of autocratic regimes cyberpunk fiction depicts powerless. Games could do with getting back to the idea that the insurgents, bohemians, hoodlum, & people who cannot bear a plate of spaghetti matter.

PS5- the best console is yet to arrive

The Sony Playstation 5, popularly abbreviated as the PS5, will be released in 2020, or maybe even by 2019. The reason is simple: the new PS5 will have to ward off popular rivals like Nintendo and the omnipresent Microsoft, which, with its new Xbox 2, will look to upset and thoroughly muddle the apple cart of Sony. The new console will not only have to be very technologically superior, it will also have to ride the new elements of technology the world had witnessed since 2013, when the last PS 4 was released. In the meantime, we have come across the PS4 Slim as well as the PS4 Pro, both precursors of the new PS5.

For the last four generations of the Playstation, Sony had played by the rules of the console industry. It had played by the rules from the year of its inception: the original PS released in 1994, right up to 2013. Each of the generations had to last for an estimated six to seven years. Each generation of the console was not only an admixture of hardware but also received a magnitude increase in power, compatibility, and prowess. The reason why the new PS5 will be so successful is because the brains at Sony have decided to stay ahead of the technological curve.

The first change that the then-recent PS3 noticed was the internet revolution. The PS3's internet connectivity was the fundamental reason why the new console was so very successful. The internet connectivity meant that the PS3 could be the trailblazer in terms of affordability as well as incremental updates in hardware as well as software, which could be directly sent to the user thanks in major part to the new technology. The new technology also meant that the update product could be and indeed was a substantial move away from the original console. Such incremental design changes also reflected a paradigm shift in the design philosophy at Sony.

The Japanese giant is also seen to be bring in new specifications for the soon-to-be-launched PS5. How do we know? Well, for starters, it has released new specs at exactly the middle of the new generation in the form of the PS4 Pro and the PS4 Slim we mentioned before. Three years is the middle mark of what is increasingly a six-year cycle. We have already seen that the difference between two generation is now bordering at least 7 years.

What are the new specs PlayStation 5 aka the PS5  might have to face? The streaming part of the new gaming business is one. The advent of VR is also one major factor. Indeed, experts suggest that the VR display may well be our primary display screen in place of the television set. One other factor to remember is that the new VR headsets manufactured by HTC and Oculus is also on the sidelines.This simply means that the new VR technology will soon be widespread and more affordable as well. We are eagerly waiting to know the PS5 release date and then let you guys know as soon as we get any information about it.


NBA 2K18: Check the detailed info of the three editions that are going to be available with the release of the gaming installment

NBA 2k18 PC game

With the improvement in the world of video gaming, people tend to switch over it as the primary mode of entertainment. And 2017 is going to witness two of the most favorite gaming installments, one is the FIFA 18, while the other is the basketball-based video game, the NBA 2K18. With envisions, we have gathered accurate reports of NBA 2K18 cover stars. 2K Sports has announced NBA 2K18 cover stars would be Kyrie Irving alongside Shaquille O'Neal (concerning the limited edition). Now let us have comprehensive information about NBA 2K18 Wishlist features that might be going to get unveiled with the new gaming installment.

1st MyCareer Mode- One of the biggest attractions of NBA 2K18 features is the NBA 2k18 My Career Mode which is capable enough of creating new players in the My Player section. And for the NBA addicts, they’d definitely be eager to be offered with such an amazing feature.

2nd Manager Mode- Out of all the popular modes of the gameplay, Manager Mode stands to be one of them. This particular mode has managed to receive great reviews from gaming gurus in offering a lot of enthusiasm among not only among fans but also among the hi-tech gaming enthusiasts. So it’s quite relevant to presume the game to be developed with the latest upcoming edition of the Manager Mode, concerning the game.

3rd VR Compatibility- One of the 'in-things' nowadays is the virtual reality in the world of technology. So it’d be understandable if fans tend to keep a close eye on seeking for a better virtual reality in the NBA 2K18 game. Also, the gaming installment is going to get rolled out with a 4K resolution; however there are 50% chances on that part. Also, with envisions, we have come across that we can play this gaming installment in any cheap laptops as well.

As per the latest report, NBA 2K18 is going to get rolled out with three editions. First, we have the standard edition where with pre-ordering the installment will bring fans with 5,000 Virtual Currency, Kyrie Outfit Pack as well as 10 Weekly MyTEAM Packs and more. Second, we have the Legend Edition, where fans will be offered with physical items such as 5 Panini trading cards, exclusive stickers along with the limited-edition Shaq poster. Digital contents are also available with 20 Weekly MyTEAM Packs, Shaq in-game items as well as 100,000 Virtual Currency. Last it’s the Legend edition Gold that offers the physical items like 10 Panini trading cards, exclusive stickers, the limited-edition Shaq Poster and lenticular too. Alongside digital contents are also offered, like 40 Weekly MyTEAM Packs, 250,000 Virtual Currency as well as the Shaq in-game items. (Note, the digital contents are not provided alongside the physical items). With the official announcements by the developers, we have been offered that NBA 2K18 release date is the 19th of September 2017.

FIFA 2018’s wishlist must carry these features for the X-factor

Fifa 18 Wishlist must have the following features

The new Fifa 18 game is one of the most important series of games ever to have hit the gaming world. Indeed, we have come across a lot of games which is one of the greatest franchises in the world. Indeed, we can say with a sense of confidence that while the gaming universe is replete with lots of good examples of games, it is truly rare that such a fantastic game comes around, and we can only say with a pinch of salt that the newer franchises must stay up to the raised bar if the degree of confidence it does install in the users as well. Truly, it is safe to suppose that a wishlist of features which we have detailed here is a must if the new FIFA 18 ( is to be a safe bet here.

One of the first instances of improvements in the new NBA 2K18 game is the fact that there is a lot of dispute over what features the new game should carry. In place of the normal debate between aficionados of the lovers of the cloud and the console, with its hard drive, the debate has always been about space. It is interesting to know that many users have often been confused over which one of the two scenarios is the most plausible and the most possible when it comes to the concept of security and safety. 

It is important to understand that while the solid state hard disk is the most secure as far as storage spaces are concerned, the cloud is totally limitless. There is a lot of debate, especially after the rise in the attacks by black hat attackers as well. It is interesting to note that while the WannaCry ransomware attacks have made the solid state drives as vulnerable as the loud, only older systems have been targeted. Either way, it is true that the cloud has a virtually limitless storage space when we consider the fact that they, meaning the users, have often considered that the value of the solid state drive has gone down as the price tags have increased. 

There is one other way to view the dilemma in the Fifa 2K18 game's history as well. There has seldom been a game which is as highly anticipated as the new game is concerned. This is especially true given that the existing game is the same hyped version as the inordinately delayed one. The new game will also lead to the increased expectations of the users and the gaming enthusiasts have adapted themselves to the idea of an independent arena populated with lots of good looking games as well. 

There is another factor which must be factored in when the new game is being considered. While the price tag is a bit steep, it is very essential that the new game's price rag should be as conservatively priced as possible. Too low a price and it will not be bought at all. The price must not be too high as well.


Borderlands 3 Is More of a Reality Than You Think

Borderlands 3 is more of a reality now

Borderlands 3 may be on the way, and if we are to go by the latest happenings, it might be as early as next year itself. To tell the truth, some fans may have already tired of waiting for Borderlands 3. The title has been in demand ever since its immediate predecessor (sequentially speaking) reached global acclaim and went on to prove that a sequel does not always have to be a half-baked afterthought. In fact, Borderlands 2, which succeeded the original Borderlands of 2009 after three years, was an even bigger success and made the franchise a cult favorite among gamers everywhere.

However, the sad part is that Borderlands 3 has not even come close to being announced even once. But on the other hand, there have been several hints that the creators are already working on it. Although developer Gearbox has always maintained a distance from naming names, they have already dropped some broad hints that a new Borderlands game is already in development. And after 2014’s Pre-Sequel, we can’t imagine that they would want to indulge in another venture that will not be aimed at carrying the story forward. But while that area is still shrouded in speculation, we do know that the next game is actually a thing.

In truth, Gearbox Founder and CEO Randy Pitchford was definitely aware of what he was showing at this year’s GDC event. The tech demo that the company showcased with Pitchford leading the way was theoretically aimed at being a showing for the kind of technology that the company was building- something that Pitchford said could be seen in a Borderlands game in the future. But in truth, we think it ended up showing us footages from the actual Borderlands 3 in its early stages of development. While we definitely saw landscapes, a character to be featured in the upcoming game may have also got a sneaky preview in the demo.

While that was a pretty big enough clue in itself, what followed only worsened our itch to know more. After a couple of months of silence, Pitchford broke the ice in a big way by posting a picture of himself in motion capture gear. Now, remember, Pitchford has been involved with non-Gearbox games in the past as well, but there is a reason to why we think this one pertains particularly to Borderlands 3( Pitchford not only stated in the post that he was playing the part of a “psycho bandit” in an upcoming video game, but it also looked like he was definitely teasing the mystery title and having fun while he was at it.

We love the idea of Pitchford acting in a Borderlands game, but if you take a look at the past, the man had seemingly teased a Borderlands game before which only went on to be something else. However, it now appears that this mystery title is indeed Borderlands 3. Why do we think so? Because it has just been revealed by 2K that a new unnamed video game from one of their biggest franchises is slated for 2018. This, in our books, has to be Borderlands 3. So we are looking forward to an official announcement.

Xbox 2 is on Its Way! Get the Details and the Release Date!

XBox 2 all set for release

A video gaming brand created by Microsoft started its own console; Xbox started its journey 15 years ago in November 15, 2001. After the successful launch of Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, now the world is awaiting the latest version Xbox 2 or Xbox Scorpio. Microsoft seems too confident that games like Destiny 2 and Call of Duty WW2 will look great in the coming console.

Xbox 2: Latest Information

The coming X Box 2( will be able to play all of your old games and the new ones. The news is too exciting for all the game lovers. But before the release let’s take a look at the latest news regarding the coming console. Microsoft announced the Xbox One S, bur Phil Spencer came forward to announced Xbox 2 or Project Scorpio. With the announcement, the curiosity level of the gaming enthusiasts has made the release of the coming console more anticipating. Phil has promised it to be "the most powerful console ever built." The speculation suggests the console will be similar to what Sony did with the PS4 Pro. There is also news that the X Box 2 will be unveiled at E3 2017 during their media briefing.

A Brief Detail

Xbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox 2/Project Scorpio is known as the Xbox Family. Some of the console’s specs of the coming console are here for a discussion. An Xbox game can be played on any of the console within that family. Project Scorpio is perfectly apt for 4K and with potential graphical upgrades like already seen on the PS4 Pro. Now the most important question is how large this “Xbox Family” will grow? Report suggests Xbox 2 or Project Scorpio supports VR and it will be will be exclusive for Xbox 2, as this has not been part of the previous consoles.

Technology is changing everyday and before getting settled in the market the latest technical gadgets are getting obsolete and thus it is too tough to keep up with the expectation and build something that is interesting and worth the attention of the market. So Xbox 2 will have to be too smart to attract the buyers and keep their interest intact.

Release Date:

Now comes the main query. When the Xbox 2 is releasing? The makers have officially revealed that the XBox 2 Release Date will be in November of 2017. The coming console will be able to run the new as well as the old ones and we cannot wait any longer.

Uncharted 5 Wishlist Features The Fans Want To See

Uncharted 5 wishlist features we want to see

Ever since Uncharted 4: The Lost Legacy was under speculative world, gaming gurus wanted to witness yet another game, but that never happened exactly identical to expectations. Nathan Drake has been long into the world of Uncharted and to be obvious we have witnessed every Uncharted game with this character as the center of the game. Creator and writer of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy has recently shared his views at the Eurogamer interview where it was clearly stated that right now they are more into the production of Lost Legacy, which has become more than just a DLC. Gamers still have a question in their minds, when can we expect Uncharted 5?

Uncharted 5: Some Wishlist Features

As Eurogamer interview proved that the game is coming in, speculations have made the best possible way in concerning the gamers’ sentiments. Further down we are going to present some of the fans’ wishlist feature for the upcoming Uncharted game. Read on and know more.

  • With Uncharted 5 we are definitely going to get our hands with the multiplayer. But all probable rumors hint us that it would be with a split screen option for co-op mode.
  • Vehicles and weapons are somewhat an integral part for games like Uncharted. But wait here, we are not talking about futuristic stuff. Fans definitely want to witness the inclusion of new kinds of cars as well as guns in Uncharted 5.
  • With Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, gamers are going to witness an open world setting, and the game is taking fans in the mountains of India. Perhaps we want to witness an open world setting in Uncharted 5 too, say for a bigger continent, for e.g. Africa.

Can Uncharted 5 happen with Nathan Drake as the protagonist?

Developers have successfully worked with two of the favorite Uncharted side characters in the Lost Legecy. At least by watching Uncharted: The Lost Legacy trailer, it is clear to us how the creators have developed Chloe’s character and while filling in those holes in character, the game turned out to be more than just a DLC. Lost Legacy is going to get launched by fall of August this year. Gaming gurus have hugely speculated the next level of expectations. Yes, and that is all about Uncharted 5. At the Eurogamer, envisions turned out to be real where Shaun Escayg stated that there is supposed to be another Uncharted game but this time they are going to focus more on the side characters as they did in the Lost Legacy. So it is pretty sure from the developers’ side that Uncharted 5 is not going to create with Nathan Drake, instead of the side characters that were portrayed in Lost Legacy. Wait for the next rounds of speculations regarding Uncharted 5 until the game gets into its development.

Check Out The Wishlist Features of WWE 2K18

Much to the knowledge of readers, 2K is going to make a new entry in the world of wrestling video games. WWE 2K18 is now set to go for its release after a bunch of envisions over the months. Much anticipated gaming installment, WWE 2K18 is going to roll out in the mid of October this year for consoles such as Xbox One, PS 4. Though it hasn’t been listed for consoles like Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Windows PCs. Check some of the wishlist features of the wrestling-based video game listed below.

The Showcase Mode

One of the most popular WWE 2K modes, the Showcase mode has long been into anticipation for the WWE 2K18 this year. Unfortunately, we have already witnessed the inexplicable removal of the mode last year with the rolling out of WWE 2K17. But this time we cannot afford to learn the same identical situation with the release of WWE 2K18. Therefore, with due respect to fans’ wishlists, WWE 2k18 has made it possible to bring back the Showcase mode.

Career Mode with a Suitable Story

2K game’s strongest, and forcing point is the Career Mode. And if the developers put a little extra effort in designing the Career Mode as flexible as it is in NBA 2K18, then WWE 2K18 will become the one and only game-changer. WWE 2K18 will turn out to be the best wrestling game with the addition of a stellar story along with some impactful voice acting and progression system regarding the Career Mode.

Introduction of the ‘Be a GM Mode’

Last year it was Brand Split taking effect, but this time with WWE 2K18, fans want to witness something more something the Be a GM Mode! It was one of the staples of WWE Smackdown and Raw series which once again can turn out to be a massive hit. Things have become much more important this year with the introduction of two variations. A two player Be a GM Mode would act as the cherry on the cake where friends will become competitors having a face-off round and trying to build the best possible show for their respective brands(digitally, inside gaming world of course)!

Return of the In-depth Create a Finisher feature

This is perhaps the dream feature that one wishes to participate in. A number of customization options have been available in the ‘Create a Wrestler Mode’. Over the years there also have been a number of stripped-down versions of this particular feature. But in comparison to the loyal and true Create a Finisher modes of previous years, the stripped down versions stand nowhere in terms of fulfilling fans’ wildest desires for their respective custom wrestler as before.

For more information, keep a close eye on every possible WWE 2K18 news and rumor